Refund & Privacy Policy

Pure Presence Productions LLC online event will be audio recorded, video recorded, live-streamed, and photographed by Pure Presence Productions LLC and/or its affiliates. Please note that your image and/or voice may be included in these recordings by virtue of your attendance and participation at the event (particularly if you ask a question during a Q & A session or otherwise interact with a speaker).


By attending Pure Presence Productions LLC online event, all attendees give their permission for Pure Presence Productions LLC to use and publish these recordings in perpetuity. Audio or video recordings by attendees are not permitted without express written permission from Pure Presence Productions LLC.


Please note that your registration for the LIVE event does not include replays unless you purchased the All Access Pass which includes all conference replays of the event for 12 months. Conference attendees who have purchased The All Access Pass also have the ability to download the MP3 audio-only recordings within the 12-month period to listen to at a later date. Conference attendees agree that it is their responsibility to download MP3 audio-only recordings within the 12-month period in order to retain a copy of the audio replay.


The All Access Pass for the replays of this event are generally non-refundable. Refund requests due to extraordinary circumstances or emergency will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact should you have additional questions about this policy.


In the unlikely event there is a technology glitch for any of the presenters or attendees which limits the quality of the live or recorded broadcast or a reduced quality experience, upon request, Pure Presence Productions LLC will refund an apportioned amount of the replays at a ratio of $2.50 per session if the acceptable quality of live or replay sessions falls below acceptable quality or under 25 sessions of the Conference are of an unacceptable quality overall.


By registration or purchase of the All Access Pass, I agree to the terms of service, refund and privacy policy.